Our Service Offerings

The Furniture Bargaining Council render services and perform statutory duties specific to the Furniture, Bedding & Upholstery Manufacturing Industry in the Provinces of Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Free State.


Our services and duties comprise of the following:


·         Adopt and when necessary amend the Constitution for the Bargaining Council, which needs to comply with minimum legislative requirements;

·         Conclude collective agreements between parties to the Bargaining Council and, when so required, to renew or extend such collective agreements to non-parties;

·         Appoint agents and designated agents to promote, monitor and enforce compliance with any of the collective agreements concluded in the Bargaining Council;

·         Amalgamation with other Bargaining Councils when so required;

·         Administration of funds or schemes for the parties and non-parties to the Council or their members (pension, provident fund, medical aid, sick pay, holiday bonus, leave pay, unemployment, training, etc.);

·         Facilitation and participation in industry wage negotiations;

·         Prevent and resolve labour disputes;

·         Promote and establish training and education schemes;

·         Conduct non-accredited and CCMA-accredited dispute resolution functions (conciliations, mediations, arbitrations and sector demarcations) between employers and employees in the Industry, between the parties to this Council and between stakeholders of different sectors;

·         Monitor and enforce compliance of the Industry’s collective agreements;

·         Keeping of all accounting records and minutes of official meetings;

·         Develop proposals for submission to NEDLAC or any other forum on policy and legislation which may affect the area or sector;

·         Determine matters which may not be made an issue in dispute for the purpose of a strike or lock-out at the workplace;

·         Provide industrial support services;

·         Support the Department of Employment and Labour in any of its endeavours to reach its goals in relation to our industry stakeholders.